Scouts for boys and girls, aged 6* years and up, in German, in Canberra! What a great way for your child to practice, use, maintain and expand their German!

Come along for a free trial, before you decide – we are sure you’ll be impressed! Our leaders are fantastic, energetic, enthusiastic, and deliver an amazing program. Our families are friendly, committed and wonderful.

*Parents may bring 5 year olds along to participate, as long as the parent accompanies them and takes full responsibility for them at all times. These children are members of our Spurfinder playgroup.

Join the boys and girls of the German Australian Pfadfinder Scouts, as a Joey (6-8 years) or a Cub (8-10 years), or a Scout (11-14 years).


One of Pfadfinder’s Joey Scouts rides the horse made by Pfadfinder Cubs and Scouts, for the Karneval parade!

Children need to know enough German to understand basic instructions and questions, and reply in German.


In a nutshell:

  • Boys and Girls
  • Meetings at our Scout Hall in Turner – close to the centre of Canberra – great access for north and south siders!
  • Mondays and/or Tuesdays from 6 to 7:30pm
  • Program is delivered in German

Our scarves are yellow (like Scouts in Germany) and red (the common colour which appears on the German, Austrian, Swiss and Australian flags).


Tell your German-speaking friends with kids about Pfadfinder!


There is also a French-speaking scout group in Canberra, Les Explorateurs!  And there is the Phoenix Chinese scout group who meet in in Lyons, ACT.  And a Spanish-speaking Scout group, Los Pioneros.


About Scouts in general


How to join Pfadfinder